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HOROMA Tech Display, is a specialized Display company based in Dongguan (Guangdong, China) , the city known as the “world’s factory” even within China.

We are able to provide display TFT for different kind of fields such as : IoT, smart home, human-machine interface, office automation, industrial control,  instrumentation, , white goods, information terminals.

We can supply small and medium size TFT modules and Touch Panels CLICK HERE.

Moreover our R&D is able to provide the best solution for your application, in case you need specific requirements.

We can design and manufacturer also custom display which consist of bezel, TFT display and frontal Touch Panel (Resistive or Capacitive) as the customer design.

Our mission is to build long-terms relationships with our customers and provide them the best innovation and technology so solve any specific requirement.

Feel free to contact us for further information  CLICK HERE.

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